Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Central Suites of Seldovia?

Email or call us in advance when you get to Homer and tell us what air or water carrier you are using and when you are scheduled to arrive in Seldovia. We will be there to meet you.

What will I find in my suite?

These second floor suites are fully equipped and include coffee makers, toasters and microwaves along with complimentary coffee and tea. The deluxe kitchens have all new appliances including full-sized ranges and refrigerators, dishwashers and disposals. Full dish and pots-and-pans service is available in each suite. The private bedrooms all have twin beds which can be converted to a king size bed upon request. Extra pillows and blankets are in each closet. The full bathrooms come with towels, soap and its own 40-gallon hot water heater for your showering convenience.

What do I need to bring?

If you have Special Needs, have children or are staying for a few days, you may want to bring along a cooler of food. You can shop locally in our grocery store, but be prepared for sticker shock. Seldovia also has a selection of eateries which often changes from year to year but usually features your choice of everything from full-service to take-out.

Where are Central Suites of Seldovia located?

The suites are on the second floor of the Old Seldovia Theatre Building but there is nothing old about our accommodations at 253 Seldovia Street. We have just finished a complete building renovation. On the second floor, everything from the outside walls in is completely brand new. Radiant floor heating will keep you toasty warm even in our Alaskan weather.

From Main Street, we are the first building on the left side as you turn onto Seldovia Street — right across from the combined Seldovia Medical Clinic and Library Building. If you are looking at the Chamber of Commerce's walking map of the city, Seldovia Street intersects Main Street next to the Post Office.

What is on the 1st floor?

The check-in office is located on the first floor.

What happened to the Theatre?

This just isn't a large enough community any more to support running a full movie theatre. Although we're doing research on the full history of the building, we haven't been able to locate any pictures of the theatre while it was in operation. But here is a picture from July 1996 of the front of the building right after we purchased it and started fixing it up. It has been a long and costly procedure which involved completely gutting and reconfiguring the second floor as well a most of the first floor. We now have all new plumbing, electrical and heating systems. The auditorium portion, or back half of the building, is now a storage facility.
Old building Building today

Will I be able to use my cell phone in Seldovia?

That depends! Alaska Communication Systems has a tower that provides cell service to Seldovia if you have ACS or Verizon as a carrier. They have issued a notice on how travelers to Alaska can improve their wireless roaming service and data speeds, which also applies to customers of Sprint and US Cellular. ATT and Cingular signals do not reach most of the town although it's said you can sometimes pick them up from the end of the ferry dock or the Outside Beach.

What if I get sick or hurt while in Seldovia?

We have emergency service ( dial 911) in Seldovia. Seldovia also has a doctor and clinic located just across the street from Central Suites of Seldovia. Medical emergencies are flown (20 minutes) to the hospital in Homer. There is no pharmacy in Seldovia so we recommend you have your prescriptions filled before you arrive. In an emergency, your prescriptions can be filled in Homer and flown over during daylight hours.

What happens to my deposit if I can't get to Seldovia because of weather?

If you are truly weathered out of Seldovia, we will refund your deposit less a $50.00 processing charge. During the summer months you have many sea or air options. If the weather is too foggy to fly, you can usually come over by boat. One of the tour boats has a regular run departing Homer at 6 pm every evening. Every now and then, during the winter months, when the tour boat and state ferry service is sporadic, travel comes to a standstill. But this happens only rarely and then there is usually the option of taking one of the water taxis to Jakaloff Bay and then a taxi into town. We always recommend you travel early in the day and allow enough time to make other arrangements. Just give us a call and we'll assist you in every way we can.

Can I bring my car to Seldovia?

Yes you can but that involves planning your visit to Seldovia around the state ferry. Please check the ferry website for actual schedules and reservation information. We do have parking spaces available for our guests at Central Suites of Seldovia.

Where do I check in?

The office on the first floor handles all check-ins. We can make arrangements for late arrivals.

What if I want to go fishing?

There are several charter boat operators in Seldovia and we will assist you in every way we can. If you want to fish for halibut, we suggest you make your reservations in advance as the boats fill up quickly. There are also places in town to fish from the shore. The bridge over the slough is a prime place to catch salmon during late June.

Where can I find out more about Seldovia?


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