Central Suites of Seldovia: HarborView Suite

The HarborView Suite

Introducing the HarborView Suite — a 2-bedroom Executive Suite with extra touches not found in our other suites. Whether you fancy an automatic water and ice dispenser or eating on "china dishes" you will find it in this suite. (click on any of these photos to see a larger version)

Kitchen of the HarborView Suite
In addition to an expandable eating area, the kitchen features a breakfast bar with unbelievable views of the mountains. What a way to enjoy your morning coffee or tea!

Living room of the HarborView Suite
Cushy couches and a TV make the living room comfortable and cozy.

Check out that view!
Spectacular views in all directions!

Master bedroom of the HarborView Suite
Master bedroom of the HarborView Suite The Master bedroom is set up with 4 twin beds, two of which can be converted to a king size bed upon request. There is a walk in close and light-filtering window coverings to dim the midnight sun.

Second bedroom
The second bedroom has 2 twin beds that can be converted to a king size bed upon request and those same delightful window coverings.

Bathroom of the HarborView Suite
The roomy bathroom has a tub/shower and programmable exhaust fan timer.

Amenities include:

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